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This Hampshire Pottery urn/vase stands 3.75" high by 6.5" in diameter at the base by 4.5" in diameter at the rim. It has a very simple, yet handsome form with a lobed hip. This urn/vase is glazed in Hampshire's signature killer matte green glaze, which is quite rich, with tremendous depth and character. It is well marked 'Hampshire Pottery' on the base, along with its shape number 154 and an 'M' in a circle, which is Designer Cadmon Robertson's 'M' cipher added to pots in tribute to his wife, Emoretta who was the sales manager at the company's storefront.  This vessel is in original condition, no apologies. This urn/vase makes an awesome Arts & Crafts presentation.

Hampshire Arts & Crafts Urn/Vase In Rich Matte Green Glaze Original Condition

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