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This rather scarce playful Haeger 'Catchy Creature' plate depicts a Walrus, a very fun character. He measures 2" off the surface by 8.5" across by 9" in diameter. He hails from one of Haegers' mid-century modern lines from the 1979-80 catalog, which included the popular 'Toetappers', the scarce 'PetPals' and the 'Little People' designs, among others. The glaze is named Bennington Foam and the design lines included many shapes and forms, and many of great whimsy. This is the first time I've encountered a 'Walrus' or any of the scarce 'Catchy Creatures' and he lives up to the popularity of many of the favorites in the Bennington Foam line. His glaze lays on this plate very handsomely. He is well marked 'Haeger', shape number 8329, along with the letters 'DS' for perhaps 'Design Studio' designation, not sure. This very hard to find 'Catchy Creature' is a fun guy and he is in near original condition, with a simple tiny glaze fleck on the side edge, shown in the photos, which could go away with the swipe of a brown marker. There are factory kiln stilt pulls on the underside.

Haeger Mid-Century Modern Catchy Creature Walrus Plate in Bennington Foam Glaze

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