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This Fulper pottery half doll stands 10" high by 6" in diameter. The doll pottery portion measures 5" high by 3.5" across by 2" wide. The Fulper Pottery produced several half doll forms.  This one is attached to a wire dress form base. This beauty is dressed in an apricot-colored lace gown, with a chartreuse tulle slip under layer. There is a lace wrap over her shoulders, and her gown, which covers her from the waist down.  The lace, which is mostly intact, is exquisitely decorated with a trellis of tiny blossoms and vines, with a slip layer of tulle that is tattered with age, as can be seen in the photos. The doll form is in original condition, as is the wire form.  She may be marked with a shape number, however, we did not take her apart to check.  We do show a photo of an original Fulper catalog page, which shows this half doll, so she is authentic Fulper Pottery.This graceful beauty needs only a new tulle slip.

Fulper Half Doll on Original Wire Stand in Original Tulle/Lace Tattered Dress

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