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This very handsome Fulper vase stands 7.5" high by 5.5" in diameter at the shoulder, and 4" in diameter at the rim opening. It has a classic shapely form, Fulper shape 537. This vase is glazed in a very rich green over rose flambe/mat glaze. It is marked with a racetrack ink stamp, dating it to c1917-1934.  It is in factory original condition, with the usual glaze nuances, including a no-harm glazed over indentation in the body of the vessel, and a factory clay stilt pull on the underside, shown in the photos. There is a spot of lighter green glaze on the inner rim, shown in the photos, which is of no consequence. This vessel makes a very handsome Arts & Crafts presentation!

Fulper Classic Vase No.537 Green Over Rose Flambe/Mat Glazes Original Condition

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