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This Fulper vase stands 8.5" high by 5" in diameter at the base and 1.5" at the rim.  It has a bulb form, with a long neckline.  It has a medium rose glaze, with a mocha crystalline over glaze on the bulb portion of the pot, which has great crystalline qualities. It is finished in a satin mat. This vase is well marked dating it to c1917-34, documented as shape number 475, and guaranteed to be vintage Fulper.  It is in factory original condition, with the usual glaze nuances common to Fulper pots, including a factory clay tag on the rim of the vase, which is covered in glaze and shown in the photos.  This vessel makes a very handsome presentation.

Fulper 8.5" Bulb Vase In Rose/Mocha Crystalline Glaze Shape 475 Original Cond

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