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This Fulper vase stands 5.5" high by 8.5" across by 3.5" wide. It has a very pleasing V-form in a rectangular presentation, a quasi-elliptical form. It is a stepped vase with an embossed Lotus-type leaf decoration.  This vase is glazed in a handsome green over rose glaze, very rich and deep in color, in a semi-satin matte finish. This vase is marked with the Fulper racetrack ink stamp, dating this vase to c1917-1934. It is in original factory condition, with the usual factory glaze nuances including a factory clay pull under base, and some base edge factory grinding glaze splinter chips, shown in the photos. This vessel makes a very handsome Arts & Crafts presentation!

Fulper 5.5" V-Form Stepped Vase In Rich Green Over Rose Glaze c1917-34 F393

$175.00 Regular Price
$148.75Sale Price
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