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This beautiful and colorful Fukagawa vase stands 5" high by 3.25" in diameter. It has a classic form, rather simple, yet elegant. This vessel is made of bone china, in a brilliant white ground, blushed in blue, with a hand-painted scene of Mt. Fuji.  It is finished in a high gloss. This vase is well marked on the base with the Fukagaw-Seiji Mt. Fuji image and Kanji ciphers in an ink stamp in blue on the base, which likely originates from c1950s. This very handsome vessel is in original studio condition, no apologies.

The Fukagawa Family, which lit its first ceramic kiln in 1650, founded its own crafts company Fukagawa-Seiji in 1894. The company was awarded the Grand Prize at the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris, and in 1910 Fukagawa-Seiji was appointed official purveyor to the Japanese Imperial Household. Making all materials, glazes and paints internally from their initial composition down to their finishing touches, this unique company has the largest expert workforce in all of Arita, with seven of the nation's most qualified traditional technical artists producing the world's greatest-quality porcelain.

Fukagawa Japanese Bone China Vase with Mt. Fuji c1950s

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