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This very scarce and impressive von Tury umbrella stand measures a tall 15" high by 8" in diameter. It is the largest piece of von Tury that I've ever seen, and likely is one of a kind since it was a gift. It has a full-bodied porcelain vitreous form, and is decorated with a single blue Star Flower blossom with a spray of leaves. It is glazed in a soft blue color, with complementary colors in the decoration. This umbrella stand is marked as a gift and reads 'To Miss Zak', 'June 8, 1945' and it is guaranteed to be von Tury's early mid-century work. It is in original studio condition, no apologies. If you collect von Tury's art pottery, this might be the largest pot you have encountered by him. Shipping will be based upon your zip code.

Francis Joseph von Tury immigrated to the US from Hungary in 1929, and settled in Metuchen, NJ. Born into a family that had operated its own ceramic plant in Transylvania for four generations, Mr. von Tury spent his childhood among potters' wheels and kilns. However, he was never convinced of the necessity of firing ceramics more than once. (Normally, a ceramic piece is first fired unglazed in a bisque kiln, and then fired again when the glaze has been applied.) He earned a degree in ceramic engineering and was very successful in producing porcelain tiles and pottery using his one-firing method. He earned the prestigious Binns' Medal at the Syracuse Nationals in the 1930s for collaborative work with Karl Drerup. They produced a line of wares and exhibited their work at the 1939 World's Fair in NY. Von Tury developed a line of porcelain vessels for George Jensen, the prestigious retailer in the 1940s-50s. He produced art pottery into the 1970s.  He received many awards throughout his career and his vessels are in many museums across the country.

Francis Joseph von Tury Porcelain Umbrella Stand W/Star Flower Binns' Medalist

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