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This handsome pyrography box measures 2.5" high by 4.75" across by 3.75" wide.  This box has a fitted interior compartment box as can be seen in the photos. It was likely produced by the Flemish Art Company in New York at the turn of the last century.  It is a nice early Flemish box, with a gorgeous deeply carved motif, which is the bust of a Knight surrounded by leaves.  The original patina is a beautiful deep and rich brown.  It has a working brass latch and brass hinges for the lid.  The interior box sits on small corner braces, and one is missing, but it stands just fine on the three remaining pedestals. This box does not bear the usual Flemish Art mark, but it is faintly marked with a shape number, and other letters, and is likely one produced and distributed by the Flemish Art company.  It is in original condition, with just normal wear from being a ripe old age of 100+ years, and the aforementioned interior leg for balancing the interior compartment box.  This vintage lidded 2-part box makes a very rich Arts & Crafts presentation.

Flemish Art Co. NY Pyrography Wooden Box with Knight/Leaf Motif c1905

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