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This superb c1900 Art Nouveau plaque measures 15" round by three-ply thickness.  It was likely produced by the Flemish Art Company in New York at the turn of the last century.  It is a nice early plaque, with a gorgeous carved image of a pretty Art Nouveau/Arts & Crafts Maiden framed by a motif of Poppies and leaves.  The original patina is a beautiful deep and rich brown, and it is heavily polychromed in luscious reds and greens.  It has a string hanger at the back, and there is a rounded hole at the top, which was likely its intended hanger, with the string hanger added later.  It is in original condition, with the usual no harm natural wood grain lines, along with minute splits in the wood on the backside as can be seen in the photos. It does not affect the integrity of the plaque in the least, having just normal wear from being a ripe old age of 100+ years.  This vintage plaque makes a very rich Art Nouveau/Arts & Crafts presentation.

Flemish Art Co. NY Pyrography Plaque Art Nouveau Maiden/Poppies/Leaf Motif c1900

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