The largest egg is ceramic, Made in China.  It is glazed in a celadon green glaze, and it is ornately reticulated and decorated with leaves. It measures 5" high by 3.5" in diameter.  The Coalport egg measures 2" high by 3.5" across by 2.25" wide.  It is decorated in Coalport's signature 'Ming Rose' pattern.  The beautifully beaded egg was produced by the 'Christmas Corner' company in Sun Valley, California.  It is cloth-lined in red, and the exterior is finely beaded in a paisley pattern, with red and gold beading.  All boxes are marked.  These trinket boxes are in fine original condition, with the exception of the Coalport egg, which has a hairline and an associated small surface chip on the rim of the base, shown in the photos.

Egg Trinket Boxes: Reticulated Egg, Coalport Ming Rose, Christmas Corner Beaded