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This is a porcelain triple vase made by Edward Locke & Company, Shrub Hill Works, Worcester, England and dates to c1895-1900.  It stands 6.5" high by 4.5" in diameter.  It has a form of three bamboo stalks, which serve as individual vessels, joined at the center.  It has cutouts, which serve as spill spouts.  Edward Locke's porcelain wares closely resembled the works of Royal Worcester porcelain. Locke was a modeller at the Royal Worcester factory before opening his own shop.  James Hadley the lead modeller at Royal Worcester left their employ around the time that Locke opened his shop, and Hadley rented a studio from Locke.  Both men were sued by the Royal Woscester Company because they used the name 'Worcester' in their trademark logos, which implied the works were of the same ilk.  They were required to remove the 'Worcester' name after 1902.  This vessel is glazed in a blushed yellow, with apricot touches, and gold trim.  It is marked with its shape number 363, but no company mark, which may be one of the pieces made during the court dispute, so the name was left off, it's anyone's guess, but the shape number is correct for this form. It is in near original condition with a couple of minor surface nicks at the rim edge, and some wear in the gilt trim from use over the past 100+ years.  It presents beautifully.

Edward Locke & Company Worcester Triple Bamboo Vase c1895-1900

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