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This Dryden Pottery vase stands a tall 11" high by 5" in diameter at its widest point.  It has a handsome and full-bodied form.  This vase has a nicely ribbed body.  The ground glaze is brown, with a pretty green over glaze, which thins to allow the under glaze to peek through, accentuating the design accents. It is glazed in a vibrant blue at the rim, which covers the interior.  Dryden Pottery is a third generation run pottery, founded in 1946 in Ellsworth, Kansas by Alan James Dryden aka "Jim", who relocated his business to Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1956.  His son James Kimberly 'Kimbo' Dryden was a fixture at the pottery from the age of three, and this pot was made by hand, by Kimbo.  This vessel bears its original foil paper label and it is signed 'JK Dryden'  'Original' on the base, and dated '78' for 1978. This vase is in original condition, no apologies. If you'd like to learn more about Dryden Pottery, I've added a couple of links, which you might like.

Dryden Pottery 11" Vase by James 'Kimbo' Dryden d1978

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