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This Crosbie Glass Studios paperweight measures a large 4.75" high by 3.25" in diameter, and weighs 2lbs, 4oz, a large paperweight. It has a large egg form.  Best of all, it is designed akin to paleolithic cave paintings.  There are giraffes on a natural-looking marbled glass surface.  The giraffes are presented like an etching, in a reddish brown vein, and the marbled surface mixes ochre, white and copper hues under clear glass.  This paperweight is signed Crosbie Studio, and dated 12-2000.  It is in excellent condition, no blemishes.

For more than 20 years, Paul Crosbie has developed his talents and expertise to become a skilled artist in hot glass work. As a young man in Blackpool, England, he trained at the Venetian Glass Company under the tutelage of Maestro Franco Toffolo. Paul honed his skills at the Glasform Studio, also in Blackpool, until he moved to California in 1985. For the next 15 years he worked at two well known studios in Chico, CA, including Satava Glass Studio. He then decided to embark on a career as a solo artist, allowing him greater freedom to create and design his own pieces.
"Glass is such a fantastic, fluid art medium. I enjoy experimenting using new methods and techniques with the challenge of making something totally different and unique."

Crosbie Studios Glass Paperweight With Paleolithic Giraffes Mint

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