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This charming set of Canchon Pottery Mayan figural children; a boy and a girl, are dressed in their Sunday best.  The boy stands 6" high by 1.75" in diameter, and the girl stands 5.75" high by 2" in diameter.  They are made of red clay or terra cotta, and they are glazed in white clothing, which thins, allowing the clay color to peek through.  They are finished in a satin mat.  The boy is dressed in typical Mayan dress, a serape and a sombrero.  The girl is in a white frock with puffed sleeves, and she has a single white dot as earrings, very sweet.  Both are wearing open sandals.  These figures have only suggestive facial features.  Neither looks happy in their situation.  The boy stands at attention, but appears disinterested, and the little girl's arms are crossed as if she is not so happy either. They are well marked on their bases, his mark is more legible.  Canchon Pottery is located in Nuevo Canchon in the Santa Rosa region of Guatemala on the north Pacific coast. We assume these are Mayan tourist pieces.  They are in original condition, no apologies.

Canchon Pottery Mayan Figural Children in their Sunday Best

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