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This fabulous Modernist 'Pot Belly Pig' stands 3.75" high by 7" across by 2.5" deep. It is slab built and formed as a standing pig in a wonderfully rich Raku glaze. It is well marked with the potter's initials, which appear to be 'VT', and it bears a Made in Canada sticker as well. We've had some cats by this studio, but have not been able to garner any information online. The cats were flat and marked exactly the same. One pig has the initials 'VT' and the other 'VTD', so perhaps the 'D' is for 'design'. This pot belly pig is in studio original condition, no apologies.

Canadian Modernist Raku Flat Pot Belly Pig, Oink, Oink! by Artist/Potter VT

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