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This Cambridge Art Pottery pitcher stands 8.5" high by 5" across the handle by 4.5" in diameter at the base and 3" in diameter at the rim. It has a classic pitcher form, with  a branch handle at its side. It is beautifully embossed with blackberries and leaves in relief and the body has a hammered design effect. This pitcher is glazed in a rich deep mat green glaze with hints of charcoal, and finished to a satin matte. The line name was likely Otoe or Oakwood, which date to c1907-10 It is unmarked, but this form is well documented as a 'Cambridge' pot. We guarantee it to be vintage Cambridge Pottery. This attractive vessel is in original condition, with some minute factory glaze pops and thin glaze in one spot at the rim. There are factory stilt marks on the underside, all shown in the photos. This Cambridge pitcher makes a very handsome presentation.

Cambridge Art Pottery Pitcher with Blackberries in Mat Green Glaze c1905

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