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This very handsome Camark Pottery vessel measures 3" high by 6" in diameter. I believe it is Camark shape #620. It has a fluted or petaled form, very pleasing. Best of all, this bulb bowl is glazed in an early and scarce Camark Bronze glaze, which is awesome. The glaze color is bronze, and it has a shimmer with gold flecks covering the pot. The flecks appear silver in some of the images, but I'd say gold, not silver. This glaze is really rich and lush, giving this pot a 'pick-me-up' attitude, it's beautiful! It has a nice satin matte finish. This early bowl still retains its original paper label from 1927-1928 in black with gold outline trim. It is in original factory condition, with factory glaze stilt marks on the underside, but no apologies.

Camark Pottery Fluted Bulb Bowl #620 in Early Bronze Glaze c1928 Paper Label

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