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Shipping will be based upon your zip code. It will not ship at our usual flat rate because of its large size. If questions please ask. This very handsome Burley Winter jardiniere from Crooksville, Ohio stands a respectable 9" high by 12" in diameter. It has a full-bodied jardiniere form. It is noted in the Burley Winter reference book by Swingle & Stoin. The Burley Winter Pottery was in operation from around 1912 until 1932, according to the references. This jardiniere is glazed in a signature Burley mottled green and orange glaze. It is marked Burley Winter Crooksville, Ohio, along with the number 10, presumably its shape number. This is an impressively large jardiniere. It is in original factory condition, with two rim imperfections, like factory glaze pops, which are well shown in our photos. We believe these are factory in origin. This jardiniere rings like a bell.

Burley Winter 9" x 12" Jardiniere Orange and Green Mottled Glazes #10

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