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This handsome Sheep Dog pooch will steal your heart, he's beautiful!  He was made by Beswick Ware in England, a design by Albert Hallam in the early to mid-1960s. He stands a tall 11.5" high by 7" across by 9" in length. His eyes are almost not visible for all the hair, but his pink tongue is quite visible, a playful pup, for sure. He is glazed in white and gray tones with black accents and finished to a glossy sheen.  He is marked Beswick, England, ink-stamped and impressed, along with his shape number 2239 on the base.  This happy guy is in original factory condition, no apologies. He's big, and he's beautiful...he will make you smile, I guarantee it!

Beswick Ware England Large 'Old English Sheep Dog' Figural by Albert Hallam

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