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This vintage Art Deco porcelain lamp base/vase stands a large 12" high by 6.5" in diameter for the body, and 4.5" at the rim. This vessel is painted in a myriad of lustre glazes in rose, lavender and blue, all trimmed in a trellis of gold and bordered with gold banding at the rim and base edges. The under glaze is a white crackle glaze, which is covered with what look to be a tight-knit pattern of trees or Hydrangea blossoms in shimmering hues, all covered in a fine gold-trellis pattern, all around, it's beautiful! There is a mark impressed on the base, but it is difficult to tell if it's a number or letter mark. There is an old sticker residue, but too small to discern an ID. We believe it is 1930s American Art Deco, in style. If European, it would likely be marked with the country of origin. This vessel is in original condition with crazing in the white under glaze, and some crazing lines in the under base, but no chips or damage. This vessel makes an impressive presentation and would serve nicely as a lamp or a vase for some nice silk blossoms.

Art Deco Lustre Lamp Base/Vase with Trees/Blossoms in Rose/Lavender/Blue/Gold

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