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This lovely set of Ardalt figures stand 6" high by 2.5" deep by 2.25" deep and 6" high by 2.75" across by 2" deep, respectively. One has a long braid in jet black with gold tone accents, and the other has two braids tied up on her head with gold tone ties. Each plays a shamisen-type musical instrument and each is dressed in a delicate tunic-type outfit with a delicate collar and fine dainty accents, simply beautiful figures made in Japan for the American market.  Online sources note that Ardalt/Lenwile was an American company that imported into America a variety of china ware made in Japan. Ardalt, Inc. was located at 95 Madison Avenue, New York, New York. Both the incorporation of Ardalt and the registration of the trademark Lenwile occurred in 1945, very soon after the end of WW2. The roots of the words Ardalt and Lenwile are not known, but they are presumed to be composites of the names of the company's principals. The company also used the monogram AA, which may well stand for Ard-Alt. This set is marked Ardalt-Lenwile China on a red and silver foil sticker reading "Hand Painted / Lenwile China / AA / Ardalt / Japan, along with the word Verithin. There are numbered paper labels '6790' intact on each figures bottoms. This fine porcelain/china ware set is quite delicate and in original condition, no apologies.

Ardalt Asian Figural Musician Pair of Delicate Porcelain/China Original Conditio

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