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This gorgeous Lenox Belleek china-painted decorated set of candlestems stand a tall 8.5" high by 4.25" in diameter.  It is quite unusual to see candlestems in china-painted wares.  They have a classic form, broad platform base, with a narrow candle cup at the top.  They are decorated with a garland of blossoms in a distinctly nice Art Deco presentation.  The blossoms are multi-colored, dominated in pinks and lavenders.  The mark dates to circa 1889-1906.  Lenox sold their white porcelain ware to china-painters at the turn of the last century, and beyond.  Many women, mostly homemakers, were buying items to decorate in women's groups, or simply to work on at home in their leisure time.  Some pieces are very ornate, some pretty, pretty decorative objects, such as this set.  The styles varied from an Arts & Crafts motif, sometimes transitioning to more of an Art Deco style.  Oftentimes, the women would initial their work, but there are no marks, except for the Lenox mark on this set.  They are glazed in a ground of pure porcelain white, with very complementary colors in the decoration, just beautiful. This impressive set of candlestems is marked with the Lenox Belleek green logo on the bottom.  They are in near factory original condition, with a minute no harm nick on the base edge of one stem, mentioned for the sake of accuracy, it is not apparent unless you look for it.  Any shadow marks are from camera glare, this china-painted set makes a simply stunning presentation!

American Lenox Belleek Candlestem Set China-painted Blossom Garland Decoration

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