This set of four nut dishes by the Zanesville Stoneware company measure 1.5" high by 2.75" in diameter for the pottery portion, small bowls and a perfect size for serving nuts. Each bowl is adorned with a black metal stand decorated with a single leaf with a scrolled stem, which measures between 2"-2.25" high by 4.5" across by 3.25" wide. The nut dish is shape D18, although none are marked, which is not unusual for Zanesville Stoneware. They are well documented as the D18 shape, so we guarantee them to be vintage Zanesville Stoneware, likely from the 1940s. We've encountered this form many times, but never with the holders, which are clearly made for these nut dishes. The nut dishes are glazed in a signature green glaze and finished to a glossy sheen. They are in original factory condition with glaze nuances common to Zanesville Stoneware, including pinholes in the glazes of two of the dishes, a clay tag on another and glaze skips, all of which can be seen in the photos. This set is a wonderful find for the Zanesville Stoneware collector!

Zanesville Stoneware Set of Nut Dishes with Rare Metal Stands c1940s