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This Zanesville Stoneware vase stands 7.25" high by 5.5" in diameter for the body by 4.75" in diameter at the rim. It has a full-bodied form with a cobblestone or rubble ware presentation, shape 567.  We've never seen this Rubble Ware form before, it has a nice footprint. This vessel is glazed in a very rich green glaze finished in a high gloss sheen. This vessel is covered by cobblestones with trailing vines and leaves, a nice presentation. It is marked with its shape number, and guaranteed to be a vintage Zanesville Stoneware form, c1930s-40s. It is in original factory condition with the usual glaze nuances, but no apologies. We've included a copy of the B&W catalog page for Rubble Ware, with a number of forms we've not encountered.

The Zanesville Stoneware Company was in Zanesville, OH from c1889-2002. Many of the giants in pottery, like Weller, Roseville, Peters & Reed, and many other potteries called Zanesville home as well. As the story goes, the Rubble Ware line was inspired by a trip to Rome by ZSC’s president, Milman Linn. Watching the peasants gather wood and water with the ancient backdrop of cobblestones and overgrown rubble prompted one of the more artistic designs made by the company.

Zanesville Stoneware Co. Rubble Ware Vase in Rich Green Gloss c1930s-40s

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