This Weller Woodcraft planter stands 4" high by 11" long by 4" wide. It has a very handsome log planter form, decorated with oak leaves, with a twig/branch handle at its center. It has a great mold and color, very crisp details. This planter is glazed in Weller's Woodcraft woodsy glaze colors dominated in brown, with green accents, which are particularly nice on this planter. It is well marked with its original 'Weller Woodcraft Ware' paper label, and guaranteed to be vintage Weller. It is in original factory condition, with the usual glaze nuances, which are common to Weller's 1920s and 1930s rustic lines. This log planter makes a wonderfully wholesome presentation!

Weller Woodcraft 4" x 11" Rustic Log Planter In Woodcraft Colors With Oak Leaves


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