This Weller Velvetone hand thrown vase stands 10.5" high by 6" in diameter. It is a heavy pot with a great 'feel' in hand.  It has a handsome ribbed form with a loosely ruffled rim and rope twist handles, a very pleasing form. Designer Stoin M. Stoin worked at Weller from 1928-1929 producing the Ansonia, Barcelona, handled Coppertone, Fleron, Juneau, Velvetone and Nile line, along with other experimental and trial glazes. This vase is beautifully glazed in a rainbow of yellow and rose glazes, with green hues, which are frosted in a subtle oyster white, a very handsome presentation! It is well marked on the base 'Weller, Hand Made'. It is in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to a simple 1/4" chip at the rim, along with the usual glaze nuances, common to Weller's hand made pots, including glaze spatter and drips, all of which add to the overall character of this vessel, and all shown in the photos. This beautiful example of Weller's Velvetone line from the 1920s makes a wonderful Arts & Crafts presentation!

Weller Velvetone Hand Thrown Vase Rope Twist Handles Yellow/Rose Frosted Glazes