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This handsome Weller Silvertone vase stands 7" high by 6" across the handles by 4.5" in diameter. It has a full-bodied form, rather stout with graceful handles at its sides. As Silvertone goes, this is a hard form to find. It is decorated with gorgeous blackberries and its fruit blossoms, with foliage, embossed over the entire pot. It is glazed in a myriad of rich and vibrant pastel colors, which look like a Monet painting, just gorgeous! This vase is well marked with the half kiln ink stamp on the base, and guaranteed to be vintage Weller Silvertone. This very impressionistic vase is in factory original condition, no apologies. This beauty is a hard-to-find example of Weller's Silvertone line. You will love it!

Weller Silvertone Vase with Blackberries Awesome Colors Original Condition

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