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This lovely Weller Senic vase stands a tall 13" high by 7"in diameter, the largest vase in the Senic line. It has a full-bodied form with branch handles. It has a beautifully embossed design with a tree that runs tip to toe and tops off the rim of the vase, a nice design element. There is a meadow-like scene with a flowing hillside, a very pretty landscape. It is glazed in soft pastels in the green tones with touches of white in the clouds and browns in the bark of the tree and handles. It is marked Weller Pottery Since 1872, along with a letter 'R', likely a potter's initial. This vessel dates to the early 1930s. It is in original condition, no apologies.This vase makes a beautifully ethereal presentation, you will love it!

Weller Senic Line 13" Vase with Tree and Meadow Scenic Vista c1930

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