This very handsome Weller Mottled Ware vase stands a monumental 14" high by 9" across the handles by 8" in diameter.  It weighs 7 pounds, 4 ounces, so it likely qualifies as a floor vase. This vase is unmarked, but clearly Weller Pottery because of its glaze. Several well-known Weller forms have appeared with this glaze over the years, but no one seems to be able to identify the company's glaze line name for this particular glaze, which is sort of a mottled turquoise and green, a great, very organic glaze combination.  It has large strap handles at its sides and has a very pleasing form. This vessel is in very good condition with a base chip restoration, which is very hard to find. There is a slight lean to this vase, so we show it in its natural state and then with a felt button tab to the effected side and voila, the lean has vanished. I have not attached the tab, but will include it for the buyer. Some people are bothered by leans, however slight, but the tab really makes it go 'poof'. This vase would be great for Sunflowers!

$OLD! TY! Weller Pottery Mottled Ware Turquoise/Green 14" Handled Floor Vase


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