This Weller Pottery Bronze Ware lamp stands 23" high (pottery portion 10") by 5" in diameter, and 6.5" on the base of the lamp. This lamp is a vase conversion, which was a very popular thing to do in the teens and early 1920s. It is from Weller's signature Bronze Ware line, which was designed to make pottery mimic a bronze patina. This lamp/vase does not disappoint, the glaze is phenomenal! It has the signature bronze patina, but this one has a frosted blue effect, almost as if it were a Frosted Matte, which it is not. The only reason I know that, is that I took the lamp apart to verify my suspicion that is was a conversion, and I found that they drill right through a "Bronze Ware' paper label. I include a photo of that label in the photos, and will include a hard copy to the buyer. This is one of the nicest glaze treatments on a Bronze Ware piece that I've seen. Other than its converted status, this lamp is without blemishes, and it is in fine working order with double sockets. It makes a great Arts & Crafts presentation.

Weller Pottery Bronze Ware Lamp in Awesome Patina


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