This Weller Nile vase stands 8" high by 7" across the handles by 6.5" in diameter.  It has handles at its sides, akin to rat's tails, which was a common accent on southern Carolina pottery in the late 1920s into the early 1930s when the Weller Nile line was introduced.  Designer Stoin M. Stoin worked at Weller from 1928-1929 producing the Ansonia, Barcelona, handled Coppertone, Fleron, Juneau, Velvetone and Nile line, along with other experimental and trial glazes. This vase is unmarked, but it is guaranteed to be Weller Nile.  It is glazed in a very nice combination of green glazes all striated in fine vertical bands of  color, simple, yet strikingly beautiful.  This vessel is in factory original condition, with the usual clay/glaze nuances, tiny glaze pinholes, which show in the photos, and are essentially of no consequence.  This is a well made vessel with awesome rat's tail handles in a very handsome glaze, a line designed by Stoin at the Weller Pottery c1929-1930.

Weller Nile 8" Vase in Great Organic Green Striated Glazes


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