This Weller Muskota/Flemish/Woodcraft Owl original lamp with double candlestem holders stands a monumental 17.5" high by 8.5" across by 5.5" in diameter. The Apple tree form bifurcates near the base to form two tree trunks. The trunks serve as double candlesticks, which are nicely skirted with a garland of leaves. At the center of the trunks is a trellis of limbs and apples, with a very wise Woodsy owl at the top. The glaze on this piece is signature Muskota colors with rich cinnamon browns and greens, with brown dominating. The colors on the apples is realistic in soft reds. This large original lamp with skirted double candlestick holders is likely marked on the base, which is covered by green felt. It is in good working condition, and retains its original candle sleeves, which are intact, with some of their drips absent.  There was extensive restoration to the base platform, which was damaged and restored on the top surface. There is green felt on the base, so we did not remove it.  There were some chips to the candle skirts, which are well restored.  The restoration on the base is good, with a slightly deeper brown at the base.  Overall, this original lamp makes a very good presentation.

Weller Muskota Owl In An Apple Tree Original Lamp W/Skirted Double Candlesticks


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