This Weller Kenova vase stands 6.25" high by 5.25" in diameter at its widest, and 4.25" at the top rim. It has a classic Arts & Crafts form with a black-eyed Lizard crawling up the front side of the vase. There are embossed blossoms on the front just above the lizard, along with a blossom spray on the backside. This vase is glazed in a rich, dark olive green glaze, which has all the organic nuances of a hand glazed pot, and finished to a silky smoothe satin matte. This vase is essentially unmarked, except for a number '8' or letter 'B', can't tell, but guaranteed to be vintage Weller. It is in original condition, with a factory clay pop on a blossom edge on the backside, which shows the clay color, as we show in the photos, and a teensy tiny pin tipdot of glazed clay on the upper front just below the rim, which looks like a tiny dot. There is thin glaze on the end of the lizards tale and a hint of a mold line in the same area. I mention these factory-glaze nuances, but essentially they are inconsequential to the integrity of the vase, it is whole, just a very organic glaze. This vessel is beautiful. This Weller line tends to be fairly scarce, here's your chance!

Weller Kenova Arts & Crafts Lizard Vase Organic Olive Green Original Condition


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