This large Weller Hobart flower frog stands 6.5" high by 9" long by 8" wide. It depicts two winged geese on the surface of a pond, a clever design. This flower frog is glazed in Weller's Hobart classic matte ivory/white glaze. Weller used shades of lavender, blue/green and white to decorate Hobart pieces. This one is a creamy white in a semi-satin matte finish. This flower frog is unmarked, but guaranteed to be vintage Weller Pottery, c1920s. It is in excellent condition with a very good restoration to the right wing of the Goose on the right side of the piece. There are the usual Weller factory glaze nuances, none are offensive, in fact, all add nicely to its character and age. This pair of geese make a handsome, yet graceful presentation.

Weller Hobart Winged Geese Flower Frog In Matte Ivory/White Glaze