This Weller Glendale wallpocket stands 9" high by 5.5" across by 3" deep. It has a beautiful classic pocket form with a nice backdrop . This wall vase depicts four baby Chickadees perched on a tree branch being fed by their Mama. The body of the pocket is highly textured. The backdrop has twin branch openings, like mini bud vases for blossom sprigs, with a larger opening for blossoms and foliage.  It is glazed in Weller's signature Glendale glaze colors, which are particularly bright and vivid on this pocket. It is marked with the number code '11X',  and it still bears its original 'Weller Glendale Ware' paper label as shown in the photos, and it is of course, guaranteed to be vintage Weller from the early 1920s. It is in factory original condition, with the usual glaze nuances, including glazed over factory nicks, and a crazing line on the rear rim that does not communicate to the frontside.  This wallpocket makes a lovely presentation.

Weller Glendale 9" Wallpocket with Mama Tern Feeding her Baby Chickadees

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