This Weller Ethel vase stands a tall 12" high by 6" in diameter. It has a classic tall form, with side-hugging loop handles at its sides. This vase is decorated with cameos of a young girl, smelling a Rose on one side and a more serene pose on the other, all framed between a finely detailed criss-crossed border above and below, and sweet lavender blossoms incised and arranged around the cameos, very, very pretty. The Ethel line was named for Sam Weller's daughter Ethel. This vase is glazed in Weller's signature Creamware colors complemented with blue, lavender, green and amber, finished to a smooth satin matte, it is gorgeous! This vase is well marked. It is in excellent condition, with restoration to a superficial chip in the criss-crossed border at the top and two base edge chips. This hard-to-find vase makes a beautiful presentation!

Weller Ethel 12" Vase W/Cameos Named For Sam Weller's Daughter Ethel


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