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This Weller early Eocean vase stands an impressive 13.5" high by 4.5" in diameter for the body, 2.25" in diameter at the rim. It has a very classic and slender form. This vase is beautifully decorated with Jonquil blossoms, with intricately hand painted leaves and stems dominating the front side of the vase. Eocean was a hand painted line in which the artists painted using slip. The artwork is exquisitely detailed, with beautifully defined blossoms and leaves, which look as if you could pick them off the vase…fine, fine artwork. This vase, which is simply stated, yet elegant, has a beautiful presence! It is glazed in a gorgeous creamy white underglaze, with an apricot blush from the rim to just past the midline. The apricot slip alternates with the white in some of the leaves adding nicely to its presentation. This vase is marked with the shape number 012, and is guaranteed to be vintage early Weller Eocean. It is in factory original condition, with a no harm drip of glaze noted on the bottom edge, which does not affect its ability to stand, it is a very stable pot. There are some glaze nuances in the thick slip in the blossoms, as can be seen in the photos. This vessel would grace any collection, it is simply stated, yet stunning! Shipping will be based upon your zip code because of its size. Please ask if questions.

Weller Early Eocean Tall Vase Jonquil Blossoms in Apricot Glazes c1903

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