This Weller Dickensware Second Line or Dickensware II vase stands a mighty 11.5" high by 7" in diameter, a nice large vase, with a rim measurement of 3.25" in diameter. This is the second example of this vase decoration that we've owned.  The first one was signed by Upjohn 'C.B.U. after G. Doré on the side of the vase. This one does not bear Upjohn's signature or notation, but it was likely carved by Charles B. Upjohn, as was the first one. The artwork was drawn after the work of one of France's jewels, Gustave Doré . Doré wrote the "Fables of LaFontaine". The artwork depicts the scene from Doré 's story "The Oyster and Its Claimants" from 1867. As the story goes, two men were walking on the beach, one bent to pick up an oyster lying in the sand. The other asked what he was doing? The man replied I am picking up this oyster that I just noticed. The other man said I smelled it before you saw it, so it's mine. As luck would have it, an attorney in majestic attire appeared on the beach. He said I will settle this matter. He promptly opened the oyster, ate the contents and handed one half shell to each of the men…the matter settled…a great story! Upjohn filled the front of this vase with the Doré scene in beautiful splendor! The carving and colors are beautifully executed. It is marked on the base with a letter/number code 'x240', and guaranteed to be vintage Weller Dickensware. There are pencil markings after factory, which read 'Weller Dickens', and 'The Landing of Columbus'.  This is clearly a collector's notation, obviously thinking it depicts Christopher Columbus.  It's a good guess, but we have included an image of Doré 's 'Oyster' illustration, and it is clearly after Doré. This vase has a classical form, with a swollen midsection allowing for such a large palette. It is in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to the base edge for a factory clay line, and a damaged rim, which is nearly invisibly resored.  If you are a fan of Weller Dickensware, Upjohn, Doré or you just LOVE a great handsomely illustrated story to go with pieces in your collection, this is a vase for you!

Weller Dickensware Vase 'The Oyster and Its Claimants' Design from Gustave Doré

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