This Weller Dickens Ware II vase stands 6.25" high by 5" across the handles by 3" in diameter. It has a gorgeous form, with three sides and three handles. This vase, which was expertly carved with a dolphin or fish on each side, each a different fish, in a wonderful seascape motif. The art work is likely by E.L. Pickens, but the marks are hard to read on the base. There is some script that looks like some letters from the Pickens name, but there is also an 'HP', which would be Hester Pillsbury, and while she was at the pottery at the time, the Dickens Ware line was not one she is affiliated with according to the references, so perhaps it represents something else. This vase is shape number 354, and it is incised with these numbers, and block stamped 354 as well. There are numerous codes on the base, but much of it is not legible to the naked eye.  The colors are magnificent, and the carving is superbly executed throughout! It is in excellent restored condition, for a line/chip at the interior  rim. The restoration is beautifully done, and this vase, with a handsome seascape motif, makes an awesome presentation!

Weller Dickens Ware II 3-Handled Vase W/Dolphins/Fish Seascape Motif


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