This Gordy Pottery vase stands 4" high by 5.5" across by 4.75" in diameter. It has a handsome three-footed form with loop handles at its sides, in the shape of a cauldron, of sorts. This vessel is glazed in a nice green under glaze, with a blue/green seafoam over glaze, and finished to a glossy sheen. It is well marked 'Hand Made by W.J. Gordy', and guaranteed to be Gordy Pottery. This pot is in original condition, no apologies.

W.J. 'Bill' Gordy was born in Aberdeen, Georgia in 1910. His father was a potter who owned his own business in Alvaton, Georgia. He learned to make pottery by watching the men his father had hired from all over the United States as they made primarily butter churns, jars, pitchers and jugs. He left his father's shop and worked in several pottery businesses in North Carolina and Georgia, seeing and learning new techniques. These experiences helped him develop his own extraordinary style. He served on a destroyer in the Navy during World War II, and enjoyed traveling to different ports and seeing the local pottery. Gordy was married to Jewell Gordy and together, they had three daughters and two sons.  He opened his own pottery studio in 1935, in Cartersville, where he made the pottery while his wife handled the business and sales. He was a lifetime member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, and was also an instructor at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina.

W.J. Gordy Pottery Footed Vessel with Handles in Green Glazes