This very charming ceramic angel figural stands 4.25" high by 2" across by 2.5" wide. She is kneeling in prayer, dressed in a shaded white to salmon/rust glaze, and she wears a gold crown, and has gold wings.  Her face is so sweet with blushed cheeks! This is a studio figural made by an artist whose initials are MEM. We've had a number of these figurals, angels and other child-like figurals, which are beautifully handcrafted, also marked MEM over the years, but we have not been able to determine whose initials are MEM. This angel is modeled much like the Jessie Grimes and Brayton figures from the 1950s, so perhaps it is an elusive California shop from that period.  She is in near original condition with a couple of simple glaze flakes in her bangs and one on one of her wings, along with the usual glaze nuances common to handcrafted pieces, but no major issues. This sweet little jewel will hug you coming out of the box!

$OLD! TY! Vintage Winged Angel Figural with a Gold Crown/Wings by MEM c1950s

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