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This handsome Studio bauble measures a demure 3.5" high by 3" in diameter, and presents like a miniature pot. It has a hand-crafted form, like a small ball vase. It is especially well made, and feels great in-hand. It is glazed in a rich and thick lush mat drip glaze combination in purple over rose with random drips. It is hand-incised with a mark on the base, but we have not been able to decipher it with any certainty. At different turns it looks like a potter at a wheel, then it appears like a letter logo. It is in original studio condition, ever so slightly out of round, but presents quite handsomely. This vessel is reminiscent of California's Arequipa, of that ilk, and likely earlier 20th century, not contemporary in our opinion. If you recognize the mark, we'd love to hear from you.

Vintage Studio Vase Hand Thrown with Thick Purple/Rose Drip Glazes

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