This Vance Avon Faience pitcher stands 5.5" high by 6.5" across by 6" deep. It has a ghoulish form of an Imp or perhaps a Pixie! He is rather whimsical in design, with protruding elbows at his sides, and he is very functional as a pitcher with a woodsy handle for pouring, and a wide brim spout at the top of his head. Avon Faience and Vance Faience merged in the early 1900s. This pitcher was likely produced by Vance as it presents very much like the pots produced in the early 1900s by the company. It is glazed in a rich brown, shading to a deep amber at the base-section, giving this little guy a handsome presence. He is unmarked, but guaranteed to be Vance Avon. He is in near original condition, with a small surface glaze nick on the underside of one elbow, shown in the photos. It does not affect the integrity of this vessel in the least.  If you collect Vance or Vance-Avon, this guy will be a fun and whimsical addition. If you like ghosts and goblins or ghouls, this guy is for you!

$OLD! Vance Avon Faience Ghoulish Imp Pitcher in Standard Brown Glazes


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