This Van Briggle vase stands a demure 3.75" high by 4" in diameter. It has a small, yet handsome form, with blossoms spaced evenly around the shoulders, and leaves or lines eminating from the base to the shoulder, a great Arts & Crafts design. It is glazed in a nice early Van Briggle glaze in a rich, deep blue. This vase, shape #654 is a design by Anne Gregory Van Briggle in 1907.  It is well marked, in capital letters, the cojoined AAs and the number '9', indicating that this vessel is from the late teens.  It is in factory original condition, with some factory glaze nuances, including an indentation in the glaze at the rim, showing thin glaze.  we examined this under a loupe and it is clearly factory in origin, not damage, and smooth to the touch. This early Van Briggle vessel, with an awesome glaze presents quite handsomely!

Van Briggle Vase #654 Stylized Blossom/Geometric Motif c19teens Rich Blue Glaze


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