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This Van Briggle vase stands 7.25" high by 5" in diameter at its widest by 2" at the rim. It has a full-bodied bulb bowl form. There are embossed spade leaves cloaking the bulb base, which gives rise to a lengthy neckline, a nice early Arts & Crafts design from 1910 by Anne Gregory Van Briggle. It is glazed in Van Briggle's signature early blue glaze, which thins at the high points, allowing the under glaze color to peek through, accenting the design beautifully. This vessel is well marked on its base with the cojoined AAs, and its date which looks to be 1911 or 1916. The shape number is 848. It is in original condition, no apologies. This vase is a nice early example of Van Briggle Pottery, in a nice early glaze.

Van Briggle Arts & Crafts Early Vase with Spade Leaves in Blue Shape 848 d1911

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