This Van Briggle bowl stands 2.5" high by 8" in diameter. It has a classic Arts & Crafts form. There are embossed dragonflies cloaking the rim, which is a design from 1912, shape number 903D. It is glazed in Van Briggle's signature blue glaze, which lays on the bowl beautifully, blushed with a turquoise hue over the dragonflies, a very nice glaze combination! The definition in this vessel is superb. This bowl is well marked on its base with the cojoined AAs, and it bears the name 'VAN BRIGGLE', dating it to the late 1920s, early 1930s, according to Scott Nelson's Van Briggle reference book. It is in original condition, no apologies. This Dragonfly center bowl is a very handsome example of Van Briggle Pottery, in a great glaze combination!

Van Briggle Arts & Crafts Bowl W/Dragonflies In Rich Turquoise Blue Original Con

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