This Van Briggle vase stands 5.5" high by 2.25" in diameter. It has a simple bud vase form, shape 838 designed by Anne Gregory Van Briggle in 1910 referenced as a 'Flower Buds' form.   It has simple vertical lines with subtle tiny buds at the rim, which are heavily covered in glaze, a simple Arts & Crafts design. It is glazed in a nice early Van Briggle glaze in a mustard mat glaze combination, very much the color of Gulden's mustard. The base bears the Van Briggle cojoined AA's logo mark, along with the date 1916.  It is in factory original condition, with the usual factory glaze nuances, but no apologies. This early Van Briggle vessel, with an awesome glaze presents quite handsomely.

Van Briggle 5.5" Vase #838 Dated 1916 in Mustard Mat Glaze Original Condition


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