This hand-built VC Haynes 'Resting Cat' figural measures 3.5" high by 6" across by 3.5" wide. This feline has a wonderfully rich presentation, doing what cats do best, resting! She is in a curled up position, glazed in a gorgeous vivid black and brown coat, with bright green eyes. It is incised on the base 'VC Haynes '49', and it still bears its original paper label, which reads 'V Ceramics by Haynes', with the 'V', 'C' and 'H' superimposed over each other. It bears the name 'Jerry' inside the base, which may be the studio's name for the cat, or perhaps an after market notation, it's anyone's guess.  We have researched this studio to no avail.  This figural is of great quality, hand-built of red clay, and very well made with expert modeling.  This charming cat is in factory original condition, with the usual glaze nuances of a hand-built vessel, and some glaze flecks and wear on the base, but no substantive distractions. This sweet, sweet feline makes a purr-fect presentation!

'V' Ceramics by Haynes 'Resting Cat' Hand Built Figural Feline Dated 1949

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