This great Art Deco figural Nude bowl measures 3.5" high by 8" in diameter. It depicts a full figure Nude sitting in a bowl. She is attached, so this is one piece. This very sensual Nude was all the rage in the 1930s-40s, and Ekeby produced numerous objects with the Nude as the central figure in the form of flower frogs, bowls and simply the figure herself. This Nude is glazed in a rich organic orangey-red glaze, much like a Toyon Red by Catalina Pottery of California from the 1920s. The bowl is glazed in a soft mat off-white/beige glaze, which has chocolate drips on the exterior sides of the bowl, a nice accent to a great bowl. This bowl is marked Ekeby, albeit hard to read, as it is covered in glaze on the underside, but guaranteed to be vintage Ekeby from Sweden in the 1940s. The bowl is in very good condition with some wear in the interior from use. The Nude has a surface glaze nick on the interior of her thigh, which was colored over long ago, so you do not see it readily unless you look for it. The orange glaze is very organic and thick, with heavy drips and thin areas of glaze as well, but overall a stunner. This charming bowl makes a true Art Deco presentation!

Upsala Ekeby Sweden Art Deco Nude Figural Pottery Bowl c1940